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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spam: New songs

Dear Person Who Reads These Missives and Who LIstens to the Songs,

Here are two new songs.

One is called "The Fork in the Ketchup"

When you see the fork in the ketchup
turn left
keep going 'til you come to a dog
he'll point and point and point
to beans
You'll eat up all the beans and smile
then a cat will come out and begin to shout
look out
as bagels roll and hit a pole
and orange juices pours and hits the door.

The other is called "Fun to be"

It's fun to be a transsexual
every day is new and different
people are warm and loving to me
all of the time

Nobody stares at me
even though i'm tall with short hair
it's fun to be a transsexual
try it, it's a lot of fun!




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