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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Under the Paint: The Skyhorse Painting

Here is a painting of a Skyhorse

Hailed by art cognoscenti the world over as arguably the finest example of a skyhorse painting ever painted, Paulette's "Skyhorse with frogs, gold, wheels and Fujiyama birds" has a back story that goes like this.

Paulette guest hosted the world famous Let's Paint TV show and painted this while walking on a treadmill and rambling at great length.  She had fun while hosting the show where she also sang a song about a BBQ she attended where there was a cat.  At one point in the show, over 5 people were watching it live until there was a technical problem and the live stream was cut off, so annoying the beautiful people who were watching that many didn't return to watch the remainder of of the broadcast.  But before the technical problem, they were able to contribute generously their ideas to add gold and frogs to the painting, ideas which added tremendously to the painting's superlativeness and superlativity.

Rumor has it that many major collectors are saving up to buy it, the skyhorse painting, but rumor is that these rumors are unsubstantiated.

And fanatics can repeatedly watch it being painted on youtube because it was posted there.


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