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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Under the Paint: The Academy of Art Gate

It's held to be one of the finest examples of a gate painting in existence, and it last sold at auction for over 1.5 billion dollars, but there's a lot behind this painting because it has a back story that's behind it, and it goes like this.

Paulette walked down her block to the corner and started to set up her easel, but she forgot her gloves so she had to walk back to her car parked in front of her apartment because that's where she kept them, in the back seat area, right behind the front passenger seat.  And so she walked back to the corner again and set up successfully and started painting with abandon because she was exhausted from painting uptightly the previous day. 

A woman crossed the street to see what Paulette was painting, but she was met with a blank canvas because Paulette hadn't started, so there was laughter all around as the woman told her story of horrible frustration at not being able to see a finished painting after taking all the time and energy in the world to cross the street.  The woman vowed to learn from her experience and to maybe not expect paintings to be finished on the other side of the street in the future of her life. 

And then one of Paulette's coworkers from the factory walked by and said hi because he works at the Academy of Art as well as at the factory.  And then, another one of Paulette's coworkers from the factory walked by because she was walking to the factory to meet another coworker for a shopping field-trip.  She said to Paulette, "You need more dark," and Paulette started crying and stamping her feet and finally said, "Where?" and her coworker said, "I don't know."

And a man stopped and told Paulette a story about how the gate will be replaced because somebody drove into it, and Paulette scratched her head in wonder because the gate was looking fine as it sat there in front of her in the warm earthian sun.

And then Paulette finished the painting and walked back home.


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