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Monday, May 19, 2014

Behind the Paint: The Miraculous Street Painting

This is a painting of a street with trees.

We've all seen it, Paulette's painting of the hillside street that oozes raw sensuality and fertility and other stuff like overwhelming beauty.  This is the painting that caused generations of animals, both wild and domesticated, to cry until they became dehydrated and had to drink some water.  But there is a whole, big, fascinating story behind it, and it goes like this.

Paulette set up her easel and started painting this view, and while a short car was parked in the parking space in front of her to the left, she could see it, the view, clearly.  But the short car left and not once but two times did the following happen.  A woman parked her tall car and looked at Paulette and asked, "Am I blocking your view?"  And Paulette started crying uncontrollably because it meant that this woman actually was thoughtful.  So Paulette said, "yeah, but you could maybe pull closer to the curb,"  and the woman driver said, "That's ok, I'll park a little further up the street."  And so she parked in the unoccupied motorcycle parking spots in front of the closed motorcycle store.

And then, the same thing happened with a guy in a tall car, and he parked somewhere else, and the next set of people parked their short car and asked if all was well in viewland.  And it was, and so Paulette continued painting with a headache for a long time until it got too dark.

This is the fascinating story behind this incredibly magical and beautiful painting we all know and love and which stands as a monument to all that humankind is capable of.


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