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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Paulette Donates Painting to Raise Capital for Kilduff Motors

This is a painting of a '92 Toyota Tercel

Paulette donated a painting of her '92 Toyota Tercel to help raise capital for Kilduff Motors, a startup cardboard car company based in Los Angeles, California with its flagship dealership at Blackstone Gallery in Los Angeles as well.

Paulette is giving the painting to Emily Wick.  photo B. Brooks

The painting was raffled off, and the winner was Ms. Emily Wick of Oakland, CA.  When asked how she felt about winning the painting, Ms. Wick responded, "I really like winning things."  When asked how she could just up and donate such a valuable and historic painting as the '92 Toyota Tercel, Paulette said, "It was for a good cause.  Finally, there's a car company that's not afraid to make cars out of cardboard, a car company that's not afraid to jump headfirst into the future."


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