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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Around the Art: The Gas Station Painting

This is a famous work of art.
We've all seen this painting and know who painted it because we can read the name in the lower righthand corner, the corner where the name, Paulette, of the paintinger is.  There's a really great story around this painting.  Paulette didn't like the whole global warming thing and knew that fossil fuels played a big part in the amazingly global problem, and so she painted this cutting, invectivish, searing, attacking painting of her local benzene station, petrol station, gasoline station.  She knew that the painting would open up a can of worms that the fossil fuel lobby could never put back.  "The red ball really says it all," she said, "you can hear the polar bears saying, where the fuck's my ice?"

And the local media was there to document it.

Here is a picture of Paulette painting.

Famous, celebrated documentary filmmaker, Emily Wick (Life With Alex), was on hand with a lot of expensive, professional-type equipment to capture this rare, spontaneous photo of the making of this cornerstone of Western Art.  The normally reclusive and private artist miraculously consented to be photographed, and this consent was so lucky, it's as lucky as  having a really hungry tiger hold still while you adjust the bite plates in its mouth for a good x-ray of its canine teeth, the teeth it uses for tearing and ripping.

The painting will be up for sale on ebay when it's dried.


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