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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Behind the Paint: The Liquor Store Painting No. 2

This is a picture of a liquor store.

We've all seen Paulette's Liquor Store Painting No. 2 and just about lost control of all bodily functions because it's so amazing and awe inspiring and jaw droppingly beautiful and achingly transcendent.

But not too many people know the back story which goes like this.

Paulette went outside, across the intersection from the liquor store and painted it for a really long time, a time so long that she felt really old after she finished.  More people were out on the street than were out the previous time she painted the liquor store because it wasn't a holiday.

There was the usual crowd of nice people and annoying people and jerks.  The cutest little girl in the world ran up to her and said, "I think your painting is beautiful" and Paulette looked her in the eye and said, "Thank you."  And then for the second time in 3 weeks, somebody who was an art historian stopped by to look and say "I'm an Art Historian", but this time they were complimentary saying they liked Paulette's use of color.  And some guy yelled out of the back seat of an SUV, "You can't paint", and so Paulette laughed like a dumb person, letting her jaw go slack, making kind of dull "ha ha" sound.  And the SUV turned around and the guy got out with his sword, and it just so happened that Paulette had her sword with her, so they had a swordfight and Paulette spilled his bowels all over the sidewalk and went back to painting.

She found out that many people don't think that painting is work but turned her back on them.


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