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Monday, May 26, 2014

Behind the Paint: The "Liquor Store" Painting

This is a painting of a liquor store.

We've all seen the "Liquor Store" painting and exclaimed, "Wow, holy sh#t, that's some motherf#cking painting!"  But the back story has never been told until now, and it goes like this.

Paulette recognized that the liquor store held unspeakable powers for all the residents of her neighborhood, and so she painted it while standing across the street from it.  3 times did a psychically pained resident of the neighborhood walk past her yelling and screaming profanities, but he left her alone, letting her paint and hum to her heart's content.  

Her coworkers from the art materials store walked by and took photos with her for posterity because there was a sense that something important and worthy of documentation was happening, something important enough to post on the internet.

Many people stopped to look because she was painting in a shopping district, and all of them were well behaved, and a man engaged Paulette in a short conversation about whether painting is work or not because Paulette said it is work, but he had a hard time with that because she seemed to be enjoying herself, so she put him out of his misery.


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