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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Behind the Paint: Cars With Hills

Some cars are in front of the hills.

Known the world over as "the painting heard 'round the world," Paulette's "Cars With Hills" set the art world on its ear and profoundly changed the way we see cars and hills today.  It's not so much a painting as it is a manifesto for a new modern age where people drive instead of walking and send letters instead of calling on the telephone.

Legend has it that one day in June of 2014, Paulette walked out of her shoebox studio apartment and set up her easel right in front of her apartment building because she'd seen the same view so many times that she was numbed to the breathtaking beauty and stark aesheticness of the road, the cars and the hills.  She wanted to cleanse her perception doors, and did so through her painting brush, giving these things, the cars and hills, a new life full of life on the painted canvas where they became new again like babies or a new, full dispenser of dental floss.

And while she was painting, Angels visited her and shouted to her as they drove by in a beat up Toyota Camry.  They didn't say a lot, but they did say her name and continued driving with the windows rolled down and the wind in their hair even though their windshield was in tact.  And then she finished the painting and walked back to her apartment, pushing the big rock in place over the entry portal to keep squatters out.


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