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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Under the Paint: The Future Home of No Future Weed Cookie Shop Painting

This is a picture of a building.

All art is just a fad, but this painting of the Future Home of No Future Weed Cookie Shop is not because it's been around for over four hundred years, and Everybody on Earth loves it forever.  But did you know it was painted by human hands and that there's a whole story around it, over it, behind it and under it that goes like this.

Darth Vader, Hannibal Lector, Tai Lung, and Satan bought the building and the ones next to it and planned to tear them down to make condominiums, and Paulette heard this "terrible" news and decided to paint the building because she was going to have a show in it before it was torn down and she needed subject matter anyhow.

Also, some of the inhabitants of the building asked her to paint it because they knew of the incredibly high quality of some of her paintings, so it was almost a commission, but not quite because some of the criteria for a commission weren't met.

Well anyhow, she set up across the street and painted it, and lo and behold, her longtime friend and vocal coach, Brian Brooks, of Beverly Hills 90210 fame stopped by to paint her while she painted the building, and his painting looked like this.

This is a picture of an animal painting.

So it really was quite an incredible event to have Brian Brooks, a star from the hit TV Show, Beverly Hills 90210, documenting Paulette's historic rendering of the doomed building.  And not many people know it, but Brian's paint pigments were made solely from fingernail clippings recycled from nail salons in the Rockridge area.

So the next time you see Paulette's pinnacle of western painting, you can have this extra information in your brain to accompany the image.


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