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Monday, July 28, 2014

Behind the Paint: The What the F#ck Collaboration

This is a picture of a collision.

A lot of people who study Paulette's early work know about her trips to Southern California to visit her cousin, and in particular, these studious people know about this effed up painting by her and some guy who barged his way into her painting, albeit gently, but barged nonetheless.  Today we'll take you to the fascinating and dramatic back story as we look more closely than usual, going behind the paint.

Paulette was at the Malibu Art Fair in Malibu, California, the land of rental police, and she didn't want to sit around and watch dried paint, the paintings of all the art at the fair.  So she got her easel and went across the street to a park, a dried out chapparal park with rattlesnakes that she never got to see, and set up her easel and began to paint with paint.

And then, this guy walked up and watched her paint for a while, eventually saying, "Very nice" with a thick accent, and Paulette said, "Thank you." And then it got strange as he stepped in a bit and Paulette thought he was going to talk about the painting and point at some part of it, but he took his finger, his thumb, and ran it over the sky, getting a nice effect, blending the white and blue together which had previously been striated by the paintbrush.  So, Paulette thought in her one hamster powered brain, "hmmm, that's kind of neat," and then she watched as the guy essentially took over her painting, commandeering it until he finally said, "finish" and signed it.  And Paulette signed it too, and then the guy called his son to come over and photograph the painting and the moment.

The son said, "It's a million dollar painting, he shows in museums," and so Paulette immediately sold the painting right then and there for a million dollars to the next person walking by.  She then moved into the Malibu trailer park and got a dog and lived happily ever after.


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