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Monday, January 25, 2010

Spam: I Love to Smoke

Hi Zealot,
While writing this e-mail to you, I'm not totally sure what I'm trying to say with this video, but I did have fun doing it.  I got to buy cigarettes at the liquor store for about $4.50, and they gave me a free book of matches with them.  I felt like such an adult, and they didn't even ask for id.
I asked for their cheapest cigarettes, and they came in a box that said "RAVE" on it, so I thought that was pretty neat to have a box that said "RAVE" because, well, I guess I like words and the idea of buying rave strikes me as being pretty neat.  I asked for a smaller pack, but that's the smallest they came in, a pack of i don't know, 24 or 18.
Since I've been doing these freakin' videos, or because or after doing these videos, i start thinking about the visual world more than before, and i ponder the notion of image and rock and roll and "coolness", "hipness", messages, and selling.
Love Always,


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